Friday, August 19, 2011

automatic payments by month + add new 6 months or 1 year unlimited coaching?

this one is an extra test - to be followed - I just sat that up

Here is the feed back I got on that one


1 year of coaching?

right now, 3 months is $699 - 4x3 months = 1 year would be $2796 - I could give you a discount on this - what do you feel would be fair for both of us?

also, would you rather pay all at once or would you prefer an automatic monthly payment? (I could easily set it up)

"Good question, I would do something with the discount you are now giving going from 1 to 3 months (100), i think i would at a 6 month step and a 12 month step.

Perhaps 199 per month? 2388 per year (make nice number 2299 or 2399), which is about 400 dollar discount, which translates nicely to a hundred dollar discount per quarter compared to month rating.

For six months i would set the pricing on 699*2  = 1398 - 199 discount = 1199

And i would add the $99 unlimited access to the pdf's if you have a client for a year as an extra incentive."


For YOUR own personal choice, would you rather make a one time payment for 1 year coaching at $2388 or a monthly $199 automatically billed from your credit card?

"for sure monthly, and you could let it run indefinitely i suppose?"