Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Youtube - 3rd day after launch - NOTE

3rd video posted today.

I have been posting to about 10 other video sites, not just youtube + posting the mp3 (converted from video) to 3 of my podcast channels.

As a general idea

100 views on youtube = 100 extra views on all other video sites combined = 100 extra MP3 downloads.

So, I can grossly triple the number of views I have on youtube to get the number of sights for my videos and these audios.

So, in 3 days, this gives me around 300 views (including MP3 downloads)/video - that's on average.

In this short period, it is very challenging to estimate the REAL long term impact of such campaign.

These videos STAY online.

Within 5 years, each posting will be viewed on average 10'000 times.

That's if stats are consistent with the past.

But there could of course be one or more videos suddenly taking off in the number of views.

What does it mean in terms of impact or sales?

Well, impact is VERY different than sales.

Impact in those who view my videos IS powerful!

Sometimes, I get unrequested messages from people who have been viewing or listening to my material for years.

They'll say things like: "You changed my life", "I have been listening to your mp3's for years", etc.

So, there is definitely an impact even though I can't really quantify it precisely.

I know that overall, roughly 1 million people a year are exposed to my coaching in one way or another.

Now, sales... Sales is a RADICALLY different story.

With a campaign like this one, it is very difficult to quantify the impact it can have.

I believe by experience that videos do create a high degree of credibility and that it does reach a vast audience as well.

My estimation is that roughly, my videos might be responsible for 25% of my sales right now... Maybe more.

A targeted campaign like this one if I post around 30 videos could double my yearly sales for this product.

Which is cool, right?

What is essential is that these videos STAY there and are viewed for years after that.

So, if this represents on my side 1 month of work, because it impacts for such a long period of time, it is 100% worth the focus and power I put in them!

Now, remember that this is LONG term!

I might hardly feel the impact for weeks or even months, but eventually, after even 1 year, it really pays off.