Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Youtube - 2 weeks into video campaign - NOTE

So, I posted 10 targeted videos on jealousy for men.

Here is what happened:

  • Number of views predictable: after a few days of posting videos are at 100-200 views each
  • after one year, these views should be at 200-1000 views per video
  • If I consider traffic to all video sites and associated podcasts, that makes 3X these numbers
  • Over a 5 year period, this represents 10'000-20'000 views per video recorded (all included, all sites and MP3 as well)
  • Traffic to the jealousy page is unchanged! This means that the traffic impact on the product I was promoting is unchanged
  • Boost in other aspects of the site and my activity
  • Connection with my audience! Yes! 
  • More community engagement
  • Etc.
Basically, the strategy is working but the results I am getting are different than what you would expect.

It's really stunning!

If you tell people: click here, they will click less.

Basically, my audience does NOT respond when I tell them what to do.

At least in these videos.

It's a reverse psychology response and it's a very natural one.

People online have been tricked over and over again by sales messages and nowadays, they protect themselves against that.

They don't like promotions on youtube because they are there to be entertained and to learn.

they want to sit back and relax in the experience.

They don't go to youtube to shop!

It is that simple.

I already said that before and I'll say it again because it is an ESSENTIAL fact!

So... here are some positive results I have been getting besides the ones i mention:
  • More coaching sign ups
  • More sales overall on the site
  • Boost in traffic to the site
  • Increase in video views
  • Increase in community engagement in my videos
What is not happening:
  • No increase in sales in the specific product I promote
  • No increase in subscribers numbers
Interesting, aye?

It looks like more people are buying from me or connecting with me, but not what they are told or directed to.


I believe that this is a core LAW in marketing and promotion and I have to keep that in mind.

Also, the positive results happen like a side effect to all the good work I am doing.

The positive results are a reward but the real reward and core of this campaign is to simply post videos and positively impact on peoples lives.

The goal of these videos is to get people impacted by this message.

It is that impact that matters and the waves that it creates.

The positive sides effects like more traffic or more sales are just that... SIDE EFFECTS to that core activity.

The moment I focus on those side effects, I lose track with what really matters, broadcasting essential messages to my audience.

It is REALLY that simple!