Saturday, January 8, 2011

SEO campaign! Launched! - NOTE


Took the BIG leap yesterday and went ahead!

launched a 63 keyword - TOP 10 - campaign.

You have many subtleties and technicalities to understand get right...

I won't share everything here as a lot of that is a bot of a "trade secret" ;)

What's next?

Wait for 3 weeks to get first reports + in the mean time, monitor traffic and sources to the site and to the specific page I am promoting.

Including this initial period, the campaign will go on for a total of 3 months.


If it is a success in the first few weeks, I have a few options:

  • Ad more keywords to promote
  • aim for top 3 in stead of top 10
  • launch new campaigns for other products and other sets of keywords.
  • Launch a campaign for highly competitive keywords.
To be followed... Will check again on that one when results start coming in.