Thursday, January 6, 2011

SEO and VIDEO campaigns comparison - NOTE

so, here is what I estimated so far:

  • SEO: 150-1200 sales/year (need 250 sales minimum to cover costs)
  • VIDEO: 24-130 sales/year (one 30 days campaign)
In theory, with VIDEOS, I can keep on creating more which will of course increase impact and exposure

Same with SEO, these are the results for a first 60 top keywords 1 year campaign - More keywords could be added as well.

With SEO, while there is a financial risk $2000 invested in the first 3 months, the boost in traffic over a year should most likely pay for this investment if clicks, conversions and sales stay relatively low.

The potential success of the video campaign depends a lot on a vast variety of factors I still need to define and identify...

One of them is of course the number of views!!!