Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's wrong with the coaching landscape today? - NOTE

The core element that comes to mind is OVERPRICING!

Basically the offer and demand don't match.

that could be one.

The second element is that it takes ages for someone to find the right help!

The challenge you face could have an easy solution if you know where to find that specific help.

For instance, if you need to give a speech and you want to train your delivery with a presentation coach, that's a simple obvious need, right?

I tried just that one and here is what happens:

  • made a search on google for "presentation skills"
  • found a video on youtube in top results
  • watch the video
  • see a link in the info for the video
  • click on the link
  • arrive on an expired domain.

By now, I already spent 10 min on this, got a couple of tips from the video but I am still a loooooooooooooooong way from being ready for my presentation.

I still didn't train my skills and am still searching.

Even if I find something interesting, the skill we are talking about - In that case presentation skills - takes time to train.

I believe that in just 2 x 1 hour a 15 min speech can be immensely perfected!

But! You need to find the right person to teach you how to do that!

Someone who will be clear and direct enough to teach you how to behave on stage, what to say and how to say it.

You need a skilled person to help you with that!

You need someone who is a top expert in that skill + is affordable + is reachable.

It is hard as well to train that skill if you are not in person...

ok, tried again to search further.
  • clicked on another link
  • arrived on a site with a few tips
  • see an ad for another site
  • click on it
  • arrive on that other site which looks promising
  • the site is a bit messy
  • after clicking and surfing around, I can see how challenging it is to even understand what they offer and for what price
  • then in a LONG page of explanations, I finally find a price
  • 3 hours training for 600 pounds! whouhouuuuuuuu! 600 pounds = $900
  • So, that's $300/hour!
Then I have to find out how to buy, schedule, are they available in my city, etc.

By now, I am already on the edge of giving up on that skill for various reasons...

First, the price!

Then the challenge to set it up.

It's true, I could kick in with my conquering drive and get it one with it...

BUT, they certainly DON'T make it easy for me!

The prices are not obvious and info is not very intuitively presented!

It's really challenging.

Here is what I would like if I was using their services:
  • Pricing: $90 for about 2 hours training.
  • An easy way to test the system before I sign up? not really needed if the price is affordable
  • A video of the coach I will be working on - I need to know that this person is an EXPERT and that we will easily connect - As well that they are not on an upsell journey and that my success is their priority. In other terms, I want to see they care and that they can take me from where I am to where I want to be - This video is a bit of my test drive.
  • I need to be sure that what I need will be covered with that budget + within that time frame and that the coach won't waste my time
For such a price, i don't need more hesitation. I would be happy to test their system with that specific speech I want to give and get back to them for more in the future if needed.

I want as well that the coach you helps me is an excellent role model, stable, strong, clean, and healthy.

I would rather see a casual and trendy look rather than a corporate set up.

I would like to do that in a room with a stage and tools set up exactly the way they would be for my presentation.

In other terms, the location for the training must be right.

How many sites actually give me what I want?

Even if I was researching for a couple of hours, I believe that I would maybe find 1 or 2 offers that could come close to what I want. I believe that 90% of sites would not deliver what I want in that form.

So, here is a demand on mys side.

Here are people who are skilled in what I need.

But we do have a SERIOUS problem here because what I want and what is offered does NOT match.

I don't think that this is an isolated case!

I believe that this is the norm in this type of services.

In other areas like:
  • session with a personal trainer
  • visit to doctor
  • visit to vet
  • visit to shop to buy a product
  • Etc.
In all these cases, it does work and the offer and delivery process are streamlined.

With the example that I just took (presentation skills) it' a whole different story!

Most of the times, it's really the corporate aura surrounding that kind of services.

They are actually geared towards a VERY corporate audience and it does not LOOK cool.

The general public NEEDS these skills too!
  • Selling presentation for small business owners
  • Job interview skills
  • Presentation skills for students.
  • Etc.
There is a demand for this but the offer is INEXISTENT.


So let's check this on my own site and see how I perform on these selling points...

check the next post for that