Friday, December 17, 2010

unlimited coaching offer on site - one week after start - results - NOTE

It does NOT generate a response!

There are many reason for that again and one of them is the fact that maybe visitors miss information from me, that they don't feel the urgency, that the step is too far or that they don't see the value of it.

There is as well a logic behind that.

First it is that the offer is coaching in general, not coaching for a specific topic people can recognize.

So, it is not targeted coaching.

Another one is the fact that when I coach one on one, I help one person.

When I post a video, I help hundreds.

Once the session is finished, the results are intangible and the content is not recorded or available for others to access.

And that's a loss, really!

For the same effort, I can record a video or audio that will be accessed by hundreds of people or I can help just one person.

The amount of energy and investment is very similar.