Friday, December 31, 2010

New traffic building campaign - Ready to go? - Is anything still holding me back? - NOTE

The main limiting factor right now for the jealousy for men program is ONLY traffic building.

The sales page is right, it converts really well.

Now, before launching this new traffic building campaign, I feel that something might still be missing...

Here are some open questions:

First one is that this is going to be one month of focus.

With the same energy, there are quite a few other projects I could focus on

The second big question is that my energy might not be 100% free and still invested or going in other directions that take way part of my energy.

In other terms, there might be some lack of focus and synergy in my whole system.

I want to check this further to analyze REALLY what is going on.

The first doubt that comes to mind has to do with traffic building versus simply creating quality content.

For instance, when I create videos, that's simply creating content and eventually some of these videos direct some traffic to my site.

The question is: should I rather focus exclusively on adding value and let the destiny lines follow their course.

Would that be enough?

Well, in the past, I know that simply creating quality content did NOT generate enough income for me.

If it wasn't for promotional campaigns I made, the audience that looks for my products would never have found me.

When you look at it from a certain perspective, you can think that it's a pity to have to put energy into these promotional steps rather than being able to sit back and wait for people to find my products.

Well, that's the fundamental dilemma that everyone faces in the business world.

Those who don't like marketing would rather put all their energy in creating products.

Same for artists for instance.

For those who like marketing, it's a whole different story because they see it as a creative act by itself.

It's powerful!

It's like a game in rel life!

It is a challenge and it IS exciting.

And... It is a law of life!

40000 years ago, hunting for your prey so that you can eat was a real tough challenge!

In some situations, finding food was easy but very often it required incredible skills, focus, will power, determination, perseverance.

So, the question is: why is life like that?

Why have we evolved as a human race where this competition to "stay alive" is one of the underlying dynamics of life?

Because life IS a training ground!

And when you compete for survival, it triggers resources in you that you didn't even know you had!

It is a way of expanding your consciousness as a human, expanding your skills and abilities.

We can call this the competitive path.

It is a path of mastery!

So, this is what goes on in the business world.

It is like a huge game, highly competitive, in which to succeed, you have to tap into your profound potential as human being.

So, here you have it!

This is why it is EXACTLY the way it is.

Rather than trying to reject these rules, embrace them!

The only way to win is to play the game!


Whaaaaa! I like that! Quite a discovery!

Now, the next question is: from a synergetic point of view, is anything holding me back?

If yes, what?

What could that be?

Yes, I do feel that right now, my mind is not 100% on this flowing with its full power and inspiration.


First past experiences! Some of my past marketing experiences were challenging. It has to do with having high expectation and not totally breaking through.

Second element: not being 100% aligned with that energy. A part of me is not embracing the rules at 100% or not fully in the game yet.

Third element, possible conflicting interests... For instance, I could put my energy into researching certain topics or publishing more of my books on amazon, travel projects, or a few other possible directions...

In other terms, my mind is invested in other projects.

This means that my energy and my mind are divided.

There could be some subtle influences adding resistance as well.

This means that in my social and professional network there can be energies holding me back.

Another one that plays a role is the lack of experience, skills or knowledge.

This means that there are many aspects of the process which are somehow unclear.

One more... Uncertain outcome. This means that I could be investing a lot energy for very little results.

This last one is basically responding to the law of least energy. I want to save my energy, time and resources and invest them in what has the greatest chances of success.

It's logical, right? I simply want to protect myself from hitting dead ends.

Another one is that in my activities, I can retreat within less challenging lines of action. This means staying within my comfort zone and use my preserving energy rather than my conquering power.

So, this would be comfort versus risk taking!

Another one just came to my mind: opposing forces!

Basically you have whole systems in place which are aimed at either opposing you or openly making you fail.

For instance, again, imagine yourself 40000 years ago trying to hunt a mammoth with your friends.

This mammoth has been given a survival instinct to defend its life. It will fight and try to kill you!

Nowadays, you have the same type of systems in place in the business world.

For instance if you try to rank higher in google using SEO, google is determined to make you fail by not letting you manipulate the results of a search engine.

In the same line, there is competition with other people or businesses trying to do what you do.

So here it is: opposing forces

So, to summarize, here are these sources of resistance:
  • Negative past experiences
  • Conflicting interest
  • Not 100% ready to play
  • Negative influences
  • Knowledge and experience gap
  • Uncertain outcome
  • Risk taking mode not fully activated yet
  • Opposing forces

So, these are 7 core sources of resistance I can identify so far.

One core idea is that for this process to be fun + energetic + successful I must align myself, optimize the way I go for this challenge and make sure that EVERYTHING is in place for a frictionless, fluid experience!

That's the goal!