Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My marketing dilemma right now...

Here is the dilemma and I need an answer or direction on that one.

Here it goes:

I feel that creating a new video campaign on the jealousy for men program could be useful.

The core channel is youtube but could post to other videos sites and podcast.

the dilemma is this one:

  • I can either create promotional videos on this topic with links to my program
  • I can create videos and offer only short 1 min samples to the public
  • I can create full 2 to 10 min clips without holding back ANY info
Now, with the two first options, people feel the promotional nature of these videos. Basically, it is an ad.

With the second option, it's high quality content and might naturally be more appreciated than promotional content.

The goal of these videos is clear: demonstrate my expertise on this topic and position myself in my audience's mind.

My question is: which of these 3 options should I choose?

There can be of course be more options as well, like interviews, life sessions, success stories, personal stories, etc.

I need answers on that and a clear vision on how to do this.

Again, I need to position myself as a top expert on this topic in my audience's mind. I am already an expert on this topic but my audience doesn't know that yet.

What's the best way to transmit that message? What's the best strategy? What's the best tactic?