Sunday, December 19, 2010

Auto feed back on offers on my site - NOTE

Let's take the example of a jealous guy who wants to tackle his possessive behaviors.

Here is what happens to such guy.

  • Makes a search
  • Finds my site
  • Lands on the jealousy for men page ( I am not going to focus on the sales page itself right now, but more on the overall process a guy goes through when looking for help on this topic)
  • He likes the product and buys it
  • He starts reading and learning more about jealousy dynamics
  • He watches some videos
  • Listens to some audios
  • By now, he starts getting a clearer picture but the skills are not yet mastered
  • He then decides to get some help or not but is confronted with trust issues about the method. In fact he is absolutely not sure whether the method will work for him.
  • The next question that bothers him is that there is no clear idea of what it will take to solve that... How many coaching sessions? For how long? That's a BIG problem!
That's a key challenge in the therapy and coaching field.

If you go to therapy, most of the times, it's "Sit here... Start talking..."

There is a lack of clarity with time frame and budget.

This means that people are asked to buy something having absolutely NO idea of how long it will take + what it's finally going to cost!

Those 2 missing elements are a HUGE gap in my offer right now.


Something else which is a big issue right now is that my offers sounds like: "Want some coaching?"

It's NOT specific enough for people to understand what it will do for them.

It's NOT specific enough for them to be able to trust, understand the process and engage into it fully.


My coaching offer right now is "One size fits all" which has its advantages because it is simple...

But even though I can deliver results on a vast variety of topics, people might find it challenging to see how it works and the exact results they will get.


So, here is what comes up...

The business model I use seems to be effective but the overall system could be optimized to match the EXACT needs of my audience