Friday, December 3, 2010

3 months unlimited coaching - $299 offer

2 days after launching - 0% success on that one.

a few assumptions here...

  • Because it's the third similar offer in the last 3 weeks, the dimension of newness is fading away?
  • Emails overload? too many messages coming from me? Triggers resistance?
  • The price tag of $299 is above what people can easily spend or make an easy decision on?
  • The time frame of 3 months is too long? sounds like lots of focus, discipline and hard work?
  • Those who wanted coaching from me already signed up to earlier offers
  • Etc.
These are all assumptions...

I can't say 100% what element is the most limiting in this offer.

It's probably a combination of these 5 elements. I seriously believe that all 5 elements play a role.

I still have 24 hours of testing with this promotion, so the tide can still totally shift today.

Solutions? I'll check what to do about the specific limiting factors I just described.