Monday, November 29, 2010

Unlimited coaching offers + other offers in the last 2 weeks - NOTE

First, it is the clear fact that this is a powerful success!

At the end, offering my list to make me an offer worked equally as asking them to sign up for a fixed plan.

When I ask them to make me an offer though, some people did not follow up on the offer they made and my positive reply... so the negotiation part is one more step that I had to master as well.

My close to defaults position was to say yes to almost anything that came my way...

But some of the offers stretch me a bit but are still a win-win.

So, so far these two new offers have been a total success.

One thing that is clear too is that there was no garnishing on my offers, no special icon, no fancy sales page with lost of details... It was easy, to the point, simple.

The sign up page is simplified to the extreme, etc.

This is a BIG learning experience because it does confirm something that I know and experienced before in many contexts.

People like it raw! They want it personal! They want it authentic!

what makes the difference is the quality of the offer, its conditions and the quality of the content.

By quality of the content I mean the quality of the information contained in it.

One simple word!