Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Success with coaching offer launch - NOTE

In the last few days, I launched the unlimited coaching offer in two ways and it is a success.

The response was great and I achieved through it 80% of what I had in mind.

It is a spectacular results and shows that there is something there that people need.

It's a model that I like that really opens a new level of space and maybe something to implement in the future on a larger scale.

What's interesting as well is that even though 8 people did sign up, I don't have my phone ringing like crazy.

In fact only one session yesterday and another maybe today. But it's definitely not like I am being flooded by calls.

That's essential to know and understand.

In theory, I could have 100 people on a similar unlimited coaching system and easily be able to handle them because only some would call me here and there.

A core question... Do I need to call them, initiate contact or leave them alone and let them contact me when they are ready.

That's another core question.

Next step?

Something interesting is that my existing clients to who I posted a message on skype did not respond to the offer - In fact none of them even replied, which is a bit weird.

These are people who I thought would be interested in connecting with me that way but the answer is no.

So, the networking, broadcast type of message to everyone works way better than individual messages.

It is powerful and that's THE element that makes this specific campaign a success.

If I had only the one on one contacts, none of this would have succeeded - what matters is that it was a networking effort that touched mu audience. A set of people who already know me.