Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Unlimited coaching? Make me an offer" mailing - what happened?

a few positive responses definitely but if the previous mailing unlimited coaching was 80% successful, in comparison, this one is about 40% successful.


Maybe because there are too many choices, too many decisions to make, that I give responsibility to the client to choose a price.

Interestingly, half of those who respond didn't dare to name a price! That's weird, right?

Instead they ask me the question back:

What do YOU think you this is worth...

The reason why this is is because maybe they don't want to offend me, or because they have no clue of the value of what they will get.

And it is true!

Getting results in dating or a new business strategy is so priceless that giving it a price tag reduces the experience...

Most people don't want to take that step maybe because they are afraid to make a negotiation mistake, maybe...

Anyway, having a fixed price tag to the offer seems more powerful so far.

maybe those who wanted to sign up already signed up last week.

The demand could be lower.

It's thanks giving today and forgot about that one (I am in Europe)

another element is that the offers that were sent required some extra negotiation... and the end result is that I eventually proposed the same type of offer I gave before.

So, conclusion? The 1 month unlimited coaching $99 offer stands stronger than the "make me an offer" one...

They are both valid, but the fixed price tag scores slightly higher in my mind...

what to do next?