Friday, June 25, 2010

Do they want to be active or passive? - TIP

This is the equivalent of making the choice between lecturing or facilitating.

Lecturing is used way too often in situations in which facilitating would be much more appropriate.

You want results!

You want your audience to be impacted by this experience.

Here is a key idea:


This sounds simple and it works!

It shifts an event from a one direction transmission to a much more dynamic exchange that people remember.


That's what you want to trigger.

Guess what?

This is NOT about you motivating them to move!

This is about you simply OPENING SPACE!

The reason why many presenters or event leaders resist taking that step is because the balance of power shifts when you go from lecturing to facilitating.

When you lecture, YOU speak and THEY listen.

YOU are the expert, THEY are the students.

It creates a strong hierarchy in an event.

When you facilitate, everyone gets involved and the event is CO CREATED!

That's a RADICALLY different format!

My guess is that your audience WANTS to participate rather than sitting passively on a chair listening.

THEY want to get involved, create and find answers together.

That's the key for shifting from a powerpoint-like limbo to an active, high energy, high impact event.