Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What opening rates can you expect for your emails? - TIP

How many promotional emails do you get in your inbox every day?

What fraction of these emails do you actually open?

I don’t know about you but in my case, it is probably around 1%.

I only open 1% of the promotional emails I receive.


Here area few reasons:

  • Shallow content
  • Nothing new
  • No time

My guess is that you function more or less the way I do.

And guess what? Most of the people you will promote anything to function in a similar way:

They are flooded daily by dozens of offers they don’t even have the time to check.

Want to get an idea of the stats for one of my campaigns?

I had a simple sign up page.

Subscribers would receive and instant email via one of my autoresponders.

I had 11 follow up emails.

The % represents the opening rate (that’s the percentage of people that actually opened the email they received).

Here we go!

  • Message 1: 81%
  • Message 2: 61%
  • Message 3: 59%
  • Message 4: 49%
  • Message 5: 54%
  • Message 6: 60%
  • Message 7: 46%
  • Message 8: 51%
  • Message 9: 36%
  • Message 10: 31%
  • Message 11: 23%

The trend is clear, right?

When they first opt in, the interest is high. First message scores 81% opening rate.

By the end of the campaign, the opening rate has dropped to 23%.

In my experience, open rates for already established mailing lists are around 10-20%.

This means that if people already know you for a while and what you send is a simple newsletter, that’s the type of open rate you can expect.

Of course, any of these performances can be increased.

You can have better subject lines, more solid content, incentives to take action and much more.

Yes! I agree! The numbers could go up.

I simply want to warn you that for better results you will need a VERY solid strategy for your campaign.