Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Find FAST any info you need! - TIP

Everyone struggles with information overwhelm.

But not you!

Here is why!

Because rather than being swallowed by the usual flow of cluttering information that you don't need, you know EXACTLY what you want.

As soon as you open a website, a book or any manual, you are flooded with a background noise of useless information.

In this jungle, there is usually one or two pieces of info that you want to find.

So, here is how to approach it:

Before you open a website, write down EXACTLY what you want to find.

Step 2: open the site and go STRAIGHT to what you look for.

Be blind to anything else.

Your mind is a precious territory and it seems everyone wants a piece of it.

Don't let this information noise clutter your inner space.

Your mind is clear and bright!

Keep it that way!

Find what you need and leave!

Stick to YOUR agenda!