Saturday, February 20, 2010

what do people really want when they land on my page? - SALES PAGE

here are some ideas...

They want instant access to the material for free

that's the top thing they want to get.

That's the first access to the site.

That's the first contact with that energy.

99% of visitors will leave because they are being sold something.

It is that simple.

Would visitors stay on the page and come back if this material was for free?

The thing is that's not even sure!!!

That's the problem and the challenge!

Because it's free and is accessible to everyone, does the product loses its perceived value?


There is another element as well:

It is the challenge!

If there is no challenge, if it is too easy, people tend to lose interest as well.

So, all these are suppositions and it is hard to know what would happen unless I try it out.

Here are my estimations:

I believe that 90% of men would not access the material even if it was for free.

Even if only 10% go ahead and grab something, that's still an increase of 1000% compared with the present conversion rates.

Even to offer something for free, this still requires some for of promotional offer???

Well, what about removing ALL selling elements and simply letting visitors decide.

That's the moment when the pressure on myself is TOTALLY released because there is no more wrestling.

There is no more selling.

And yes! That's a solid option as well.

It could be THE factor that radically shifts the place of this material in visitor's minds.