Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gateway pages not used much - Strange - USABILITY

This is something stunning because I would actually expect the exact opposite.

The ebooks, videos, audios and articles pages where all products are listed don't get much traffic.

This is very strange because I would have expected people to come back to them to check products but they don't.


If a shop like structure was created in these pages, this would not change much to the site's results because not much traffic arrives on these pages anyway.

It is the same with the "access everything" sales page which gets less than 100 hits/month.

All together, all these pages get less than 500 hits/month which is not enough to generate sales.

in comparison, the single products sales pages for jealousy, breakups and cheating get probably 5000-10000 hits/month which is enough to generate the type of sales which come in now.

So, maybe the access everything package is attractive but to make it work it needs at least:
  • Much more traffic to that page
  • Coherence on the site
  • Clear and urgent call for action