Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doors to the program open when a certain donation amount is reached - SALES PAGE

That's another sales page model that I never saw tried online:

"Access to the program opens up for everyone as soon as a certain donation amount is reached"

This could be:
  • $19 for 24 hours
  • $79 for a week
  • $199 for a month
For instance.

I could as well keep the doors open to the program if at least $19 is chipped in every day.

You donate, there is access for everyone.

You don't donate, doors shut down and no one accesses the program.

The advantage with that one is that for one or a few persons who pay, everyone gets to play.

It's a fun idea that ads an element of challenge and playfulness + you never know when the doors will be open or not which ads an element of urgency in accessing the material.

Honestly, that's a brand new concept and I never saw any site or product playing it.

Here are some more possible incentives:
  • If you donate now $5 or more, you get instant unlimited access to the totality of the site for life - The doors won't ever be closed for you again.
  • By the way, this is an experiment - The price tag could shift back to $79 any time if there is no response from the audience.
When doors are open, a welcome message could say:

Thanks for your generosity! The doors to this program will now stay open until February 27.

If you want them to stay open donate now.

$19 donations = Open for an extra 24 hours
$79 donations = Open for an extra 7 days

Donations from each one of you cumulate! This means that when the required amount is reached EVERY single visitor to this page gains access and gets to play, not just you.

If for instance you donate $15 and someone else donates $9, this is it! the daily threshold is reached and doors open for everyone for 24 hours!

If you donate $5 or more you gain instant unlimited access to the TOTALITY of the site for life!

(you receive your own unique login and password)


Somehow, this is a VERY thrilling idea