Monday, January 25, 2010

sales pages mistakes - SALES PAGE

  • Too much text to read! No highlight - can't get a feeling of what a product or page is about in just one glimpse! I need a highlight, either an icon or a text that summarizes the content!
  • I want a buy now/subscribe here button on link obvious in the top of the page with price!!! I don't want to scroll down to find the price hidden somewhere!
  • too small icons or text - I can hardly read it!
  • long sales pages with too much detailed info - I don't want to read a book - I want to simply buy the product
  • Don't automatically start music when I arrive on the page
  • Content is too poor or vague
  • The page is far too packed and super confusing!
so, here is what would work for me:
  • A video
  • one icon for the product
  • a "buy here" or "subscribe here" link
  • Clear and VERY simple design
  • Showing Price? is this optional or not?
  • A clear headline is actually optional - But it might increase sales
  • link to success stories?
  • link to features?
  • link to content?

Having actually both call for action and navigation on the side bar to more products does not work well.

It needs to be simple to the max unless that's just another website or portal page.

If it is a sales page, you want to have just one call for action.

There is NOTHING ELSE to click on the page

That's what works best and simplifies the decision making to the max.


What about multiple products or multiple choices?

Well, that's the same story.

Having to make choices is confusing.

The choice visitors enegage into is: amongst all the possible steps they can take in front of the computer, it is your site they decided to visit.

So, for a sales page, it is time to SIMPLIFY their lives and give them and easy flow direction with just one way to go... This is it!