Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How does a simple video sales page perform? - SALES PAGE

here are the results:

a simple sales page video with icon on the side + instant access link + much more content under the fold does convert poorly so far.

the results are not definite but here are some possible hints:

  • Not enough info about the product?
  • Motivational vid with music? does it work? does it make it too vague and unreal?
  • Call for action and sales elements missing? ( no money back guarantee - nothing about the formats - no test drive - etc)
  • Test drive is missing
  • Icon is not descriptive enough - the word "system" could mean anything - words like e-book, audios or video might work much better?
These are all possibles...


It seems that this page does not really grab the visitor

There is little selling done on the page and the presentation is very pure.

The questions though is:

does it convert? Apparently not too well