Saturday, January 30, 2010

Communicate cleanly - COACHING SKILLS - ARTICLE

As promised, here is a deeper explanation of what communicating cleanly means.

Communicating cleanly means:
  • Making whole complete sentences
  • Asking clear questions
  • Removing repeated expressions like "you know..."
  • Grounding more your tone of voice - Usually, this means speaking louder with more confidence + being aware of your tone and modulating it according to the situation.
How high do you score on any of these?

Again, the best is to simply record a session and listen.

You will get an instant hint of the quality of your communication style.


How clean does your language need to be?

This can sound like a strange question but here is why I am asking it:

One day, I saw an interview of Richard Branson and I was stunned to actually see a man in front of an audience who appeared totally insecure and hesitant.

His body language was absolutely not the one of a winner.

His legs were crossed in the weirdest postion.

He was not sitting straight.

He didn't end his sentences or express clearly what he meant in a posed way.

Even though he had all these flaws he still appeared incredibly likeable.

This question appeared in my mind:

This could actually be an attitude he perfected over the years and this lack of almost confident presence was actually what was making him so successful and magnetically attractive.

So, this is not the attiutude one thinks would work but guess what? It seems to actually work.


Another example comes from Thomas Leonard.

When you listen to sessions or teleclasses from him, he really goes on refining his explanation of a topic. His speach flows like a river but not like a political discourse with clear statements.

It is much more like a river that flows through the valley taking time to feed all aspects of nature and forests.

Honestly, I really likie that! It is alive and prefectly works for communicating a message.

The core of what he wanted to say could have been communicated in just a couple of sentences though.

So, why strectch this explanation on and on when everyone got it after the first few words?

Well... It is because speech is an art.

Artistic expression has a dimension of beauty and refinement in it, not just functionality.

This dimension of refinement and beauty is what makes us enjoy any artistic expression.

This is why communicating with any of these two persons is much more than a simple partical experience.

Sometimes, a nicely curved and playful trajectory will give more pleasure than a straight line.

How to summarize this?

Ad refinement and beauty to your communication style.

I know there is a better way to say... Any ideas?

How much refinement and art you want to ad to your communication style?

How direct and functional you want your sentences to be?

It is really up to you to find out what style suits you best.