Thursday, December 10, 2009

Word of mouth? – Will they tell their friends? - TIP

This is another big myth when you go online.

You have a product, post it online and hope that everyone will start talking about it!

People are busy and everyone is competing for attention online.

The only way, people will talk about what you offer is if what you offer is exceptional or unusual!


You will probably get some referrals!

Now, how much of the traffic your get to your site will be because someone got a link from a friend?

Ask yourself…

In the last week, how many websites or web pages did you visit?

How many pages did you visit because someone emailed you a link?

See how it works?

On average, you can expect maybe 1% of your visitors to find you by referral!

That’s only a very vague estimation but the scale gives you an idea of how referral works.