Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why you want a solid marketing strategy to succeed with any business - ARTICLE

Launching a business without a marketing strategy is like building a house without a roof!


You can rely on luck or word of mouth if that suits your business.

If you offer a service, your product is very high quality and there is a demand, yes, word of mouth could be enough! Maybe you will never have to invest in any form of marketing strategy.

Now, in my experience, this is very rarely the case.
I know so many creative people with great ideas who totally struggle because they did not integrate a marketing strategy in their vision.

We live in a time where it is not enough to have an idea and create a product.

You usually need to start at the other end!

You observe a target audience and identify a need.

Then you create a product which responds to that need.

If you have already product in mind, identify your target audience and find out what they want.

Packaging your product right is one of your keys to success!

There is a big difference between a marketing step - for instance an ad in the local paper – and a marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy is a vision and that vision contains many steps.

It is a coherent battle plan!


To succeed with your business you need a battle plan!

One simple marketing step is not enough!

You need the full picture!