Sunday, December 6, 2009

What are your marketing tools? - ARTICLE

  • Website + Internet?
  • Paper ads?
  • Word of mouth?
  • Affiliates or referrals?
  • Are you being successful?
  • Are there any other tools you should be using?
  • Are you in touch with the right people?
  • Do you need extra help or advice?

Choosing the right marketing tools is again an essential key to your success.

What works best is to experiment with various marketing avenues for three months.

You can for instance post ads online and in magazines.

You can advertise and open house day.

You can reward referrals and establish partnerships.

You will quickly notice that one of these marketing directions gives you solid results while other directions strongly under perform.

Identify the one to three marketing directions that work best for you and stick with them.

Not all types of marketing will work for what you offer.

Many business owners miss the point in identifying the right marketing tools.

They keep investing time, energy and money in marketing avenues that don’t work for them.

You have to keep your ROI – Return On Investment in check.

For instance any form of advertising has the potential to ruin your business if it’s done poorly.

The best is to take small steps and carefully measure results.

Take one step!

Observe what happens for a week or a month.

Perfect that strategy or shift to another one.

It can easily take a few months to master a marketing tool and get results.

If it does not work the first time, it can either be because that marketing tool is not right for your business or because the way you use it is not yet efficient.

This is probably one of the top business challenges you can face.

Handling it right can mean success!