Sunday, December 6, 2009

What are your marketing targets? - ARTICLE

You need to have at least an idea of the results you expect and as well what it takes to succeed!

  • What are your short and long term marketing goals?
  • If those goals were reached, would it give your business a total success?
  • What is the size of the audience you want to reach?
  • Where are they?
  • How are you going to reach them?
  • What type of conversion rate can you expect?
  • What else do you need to take care of to succeed?

Be real!

For instance, when you market online, it is very common to get a conversion rate between 0.5% - 2%.

This means that you get one sale for 50 to 200 visitors!

This is when you traffic is already very targeted and your visitors did for instance a search on the keywords you are advertising.

If your visitors are poorly targeted, this conversion rate can drop even much lower!

Many people underestimate these numbers.

They can easily be too optimistic.

Get solid reality checks on your marketing strategy before you start.

Pipe dreams and wishful thinking can easily burn your efforts!

The business world is real!