Monday, December 7, 2009

What are your key sources of stress? - ARTICLE

Here are some examples of key possible sources of professional stress:

· Relationship to boss

· Personal Effectiveness

· Lack of information or direction

· Conflicting orders, guidelines or directions

· Unrealistic expectations

· Relationship to colleagues

· Non adapted attitudes or mind sets

· Lack of skills

· Organization’s culture in general

How high is your level of stress in these different areas?

What are your top 3 sources of professional stress right now?

You probably realize that for each one of these challenges, there is an effective strategy to tackle it.

What you want, is to bring back the level of stress to 0% - 20% on all these areas.

(0% = inexistent 100% = maximum)

The goal is to take effective action to shift things around.

Suppose that you are bothered by some aspects of the organization’s culture.

What are your options?

You can worry about it, try to change it, or find your way around it.

If this specific area creates a high level of stress for you, there is only one way to go: drop it!

Realize that whatever this issue might be, it will take you lots of energy to try and shift it. You might get burned and loose the battle anyway.

Look at it differently:

It’s not your responsibility!

No one is asking you to do something about it!

So, it is simple: drop it! Let go of trying to change it!

As soon as you do, you’ll feel a weight taken out from your shoulders.

What about the other sources of stress?

Same story: there is always a key effective strategy you can apply for any of these challenges.

All you have to do is focus on it, identify the best strategy and take action or shift your attitude accordingly.

Give yourself 30 days to get back to a minimum level of stress (0% - 20%) for all these areas.