Monday, December 7, 2009

Unrealistic expectations - ARTICLE

Okay, this is the big chunk!

Unrealistic expectations are the number one force which drives you to potential burn out.

These high expectations are often coming from you.

They are related with a quest for perfectionism, highly competitive attitudes and the desire to be totally responsive and reliable.

It is simple: an organization will use you and press you until you say “Stop!”.

It is your role to protect yourself.

This might be the number one skill you want to learn when joining an organization: it is the art of saying “enough” when you want to.

On one hand you can be a burnout victim for the rest of your life or you can learn this skill now!

Which one will it be?

Which one will give you real long term life victory?

By the way, you are at high risk if you are your own boss and have your own business for instance.

If you go that way, you won’t just burn yourself; you’ll take your family and those who care for you all the way to edge.

The end result is that everyone looses.

Give yourself healthy professional boundaries and respect them!

Every time you cross the line, you drain your resources.

If you are on the burnout edge, it’s obviously because you did go too far already.

What if these expectations come from the organization or your boss.

In that case, go the “How to say “no”” section.

If you end up in a 6 months burn out leave, everyone looses!

Nobody wins!

This is not what your boss or the organization wants.

It is your right and role to ring the alarm bell when you are pushed too far.

Develop a real winning attitude now and implement it in your life straight away!

You’ll be amazed by what happens next!