Monday, December 7, 2009

To quit or not to quit - ARTICLE

Should you leave?

Is your burnout the alarm bell which tells you that it is time to go?


If you consider quitting, start with a small step.

Explore the employment environment.

See if a career shift might be appropriate.

Now, here is an essential tip: don’t quit until you learned everything you could learn from the challenge you face right now.

Simply shifting position to transfer your problem to a new location can be a waste of time.

Sometimes, the challenges you face in a given organization are very common and you will find a similar situation wherever you go.

If the challenges you face are related with inappropriate skills, effectiveness or communication skills, you need to gain new tools first.

This is why often, quitting does not help and it simply delays the taking of real action.

Ask yourself sincerely:

“Is what I am facing unusual?”

“Is the work load unusual?”

“Will a different boss have a different attitude in this matter?”


Sometimes, you need some fresh air, your boss is a real jerk, the team you work in is toxic and the only way through is to give up and start over.

Consider both options carefully and take small steps in both directions: staying or leaving.

This will give you valuable information and tell you what to do next.

Once you look at the logical aspects of all this, drop everything and trust your instinct.