Monday, December 7, 2009

Stick to what you are paid for - ARTICLE

This one follows up along the same line.

Very often you will start taking responsibility for aspects of the organization which are out of your hands or influence.

What’s even worse is that everyone tends to resent it!

This tends to happen when you want to increase your impact on the organization.

What you don’t know is that very often, the management will be working against you! This happens a lot if you work in an organization.

You want to change things, reshape them!

As soon as you step into a new position, you see the imperfections of the organization and want to do something about it?

Big mistake!!!!

An organization is a complex structure.

Often, it has a high level of inertia and tends to resist any form of change.

The ones who can perform significant shifts are the one who are given the power to do so.

In many cases, this does not involve you.

When you start stirring things, you tend to attract negative attention and even resentment from others.

Let go of what you can’t control and stick to what you are paid to do.

This is itself will immensely shift your energy balance.

It might even mean keeping a low profile; especially when you just start in a new position.