Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remove distractions on the page - USABILITY

This is about content pages.

In most website, you will have a whole diversity of content on the page and the valuable is lost in a cloud of hype call for actions.

the worst are the adsense site where content is presented in the most unattractive way to force visitors to click on the most appealing ads.

In the past, I experimented with the same idea before realizing that what I was doing was NOT a service to my visitors.

It was confusing them.

Now, I tend to simplify IMMENSELY the way the content is presented.

That's the idea for the new pages.

general navigation bar above the content.

topic navigation bar on the left side.

All that is left is links in the center directing to the content pages (e-books,videos , audios, articles, etc)

It feels MUCH better now!