Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merge sales and member pages - USABILITY

In the last 3 weeks, that's what I have been busy with:

Simplifying the site and making sure that visitors have an energizing and frictionless experience on the site.

A frictionless experience means that you find out what you are looking for without effort.

You arrive on the site. It is clear and easy to get what you need.

In the past, I had two four types of pages on the site:
  • Directory pages
  • Sales pages
  • Free content pages pages
  • Member access pages
  • Member content
The process in the last few weeks has been to create a different flow by merging sales pages and member pages.

This whole merging minimalizes the sales elements on a page and sends both members and non members to the same page.

When a visitor clicks on one of the links on that page, they are directed to a login page where they can either login or purchase a membership.

I started by updating pages with little traffic to see how that feels.

the result in the clarification and flow of the site is amazing!

In other words, I love presenting the content in that way because it simplifies everything for me and the visitor.

Instead of having 2 navigation systems on the site (one for members and one for non-members), I have now just one navigation system for both members and non-members.

It simplifies EVERYTHING.

The next step or challenge is to see if anything needs to be added to these content pages so that non-members take the step and do become members.

That's the top challenge left right now.

Honestly, EVERYONE would do without the sales pages and be presented with a clear content DIRECTLY if this works.

That's what I am exploring NOW and I will be testing this over the next few weeks.

Here is the goal or the experiment:

present the content without sales elements and see how the non member visitor responds when confronted with the choice of simply signing up.

To be followed...