Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Match their energy level! - TIP

It is a matter of finding the right balance.

They are leading the interview!

Don’t try to take over!

Respect this hierarchy and don’t try to shift roles.

Now, the other extreme would be to sit back and take a passive role.

Big mistake of course!

You need to emotionally invest yourself without overpowering them.

You are an active part of the interview!

This is called matching their energy level.

You invest just a tiny bit less or more than they do.

Being too enthusiastic or energetic can be a turn off as well.

Too high energy can be a challenge for someone who simply wants to check you out.

If your energy level is too low, it becomes draining for them.

It makes them feel as if they have to drag info from you.

You invest too little when your responses are too short or your mood is low.

This is the final strategy for this e-book!

Match their energy level!