Sunday, December 6, 2009

Market yourself! - ARTICLE

Market yourself!

Clients deal with you in so many ways.

It's not just your product they buy, it is you!

  • Are you friendly, approachable and open?
  • Do you have any unsolved issues?
  • How do you present yourself?
  • Would you like to know yourself if you could?

Those who buy from you contribute to your success!

If they like you, they are happy to help you win!

Here are some quick tips to market yourself better!

  • Smile!
  • Practice self confidence
  • Make eye contact
  • Follow up with a call or email
  • Introduce yourself
  • Have some role models - These are public figures, actors, etc. - Are they doing very well with that skill? - Learn from them - Analyze how they do it.
  • Be outgoing
  • Be interested - Offer your undivided attention.
  • Get their contact details
  • Give people what they want - Ask direct questions to find out what that is.