Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life is your game! - Here is how you win! - ARTICLE


This is a bit of an unusual e-book!

It has no chapters and will flow very fast through me! I like that!

Here is a mind set which can radically shift the way you see your life.

I want to motivate you and let you REALIZE that you are not the victim of your life.

You are its master!

Your game is life mastery!

That’s what you aim for!

That’s what you want to conquer!

Everything that happens in life is aimed at training you to life mastery.

Your goal is to be a life master!

It is that simple.

I agree!

This is a concept.

It is one I have been embracing for many years!

It helped me face hundreds of life challenges in a wise way.

If you are looking for a fresh perspective, I invite you to try it out!

Life coaching is similar to sports coaching in many ways.

My goal is to help you win.

When you win, I win too!

In sports, you have a coach and motivator.

They will be standing next to you and give you energy for pick performance.

This is when life becomes absolutely thrilling!

This is when you can boost your power and multiply your results.

It is when you look at a challenge and decide to face it rather than avoiding it!

Every time you do, you call in your system, your survival drive fluids that force you to fight!

You fight for victory!

You fight because anything less than winning is unacceptable.

Now, you enter into any game with a sense of light detachment too!

You know it IS a game!

No matter how you look at it.

You KNOW that there is something deeper in you!

It is a core of life force that nothing and no one can take away from you.

That’s your spirit!

That’s your vibrating power and energy.

This core is formless.

It is untouched!

It is united with the totality of the life force existing on this planet.

This sea of life force is where anyone comes from.

Now, incarnating in a body means existence has some rules.

These are the rules we look at!

This is the game we play.

You could design your own way of looking at life!

You can say for instance that life is:

· A white canvas

· Suffering

· A path to self realization

· An opportunity to make money

· What else?

These are all concepts!

Life simply is!

Each time we define it, we reduce it within a mental concept we can grasp and understand!

This is our mental ability!

We make concepts, mind frames and use them to logically understand what we are doing.

This is fine of course!

But you need to understand that a concept is ALWAYS limited!

A truth can’t be said or summarized in words because words ARE incomplete in essence.

So, back to our game!

Your game is to win!

And winning means getting closer to life mastery every single day!

When you face a challenge, here is what you can think:

“This is an opportunity to grow as a human being!”

“It is a chance to become a better person!”

“It gives me the possibility to tap into new instinctual resources I didn’t even know I had!”

“It forces me to train a new life skill!”

All these perspectives have something in common.

They FACE the challenge!

They don’t look at the challenge and think that there is something wrong!

There isn’t!

A life challenge is all it is:

An opportunity to win new life mastery points!

This is where I want to step in and boost your power if you are open for it!

My job as your coach is to help you win!

The experience I have means that I probably helped in my past someone facing the same challenge as you.

With some challenges like break up crisis, jealousy issues, dating challenges, personal power gaps, nutrition and other body challenges, etc.

… I literally successfully coached dozens of persons on that specific life challenge.

What does success mean?

It means that the challenge is faced and won with the minimum investment of time and energy.

In some cases, the challenge even disappears altogether!

I like that one!



In the sessions we have together, very frequently, after discussing the challenge for a few minutes, we look at it and say to each other:

“So, what was the problem???? Looks like it’s gone!!!”

Yes! This happens frequently too and it’s magical!

It means that a simple perspective shift can TOTALLY dissolve a tension you might be feeling right now.

You have this “problem” that seems to be big!

You ad a bit of extra power in your system and the problem or challenge is GONE!!!!

It dissolved altogether!



You win because instead of spending months or even years trapped within a situation that kills your power and enjoyment in life, you suddenly see a way through and break through with days!

That’s the difference!


That’s the main benefit my clients get from having power sessions with me.

Because I have experience in tackling the specific type of challenge you face, I can tell you what life strategy works and which one doesn’t!

Got that!


This is powerful stuff!

Look, I have an immense level of respect for you and your life!

Basically, I care!

I love it when someone wins a key life challenge!

It’s thrilling for you as much as for me!

This is why, our coaching partnership works.

I don’t just stay passively on the side line! I engage myself emotionally with you.

We partner!

We fight together!

I am in the very core of your support network!

Now, I don’t take over the battle.

You do!

You stay in charge at all times!

I let you get the full credit for your victories!

What does that mean?

It means that we discuss battle plans together but when it comes to action, you are the one leading the show + ultimately making your own decisions.

What does that mean?

It means that I trust you!

I trust your instincts!

This is what engaging in a life battle together looks like!

Hope this inspired you to take action.

If you prefer fighting your battles by yourself, I fully wholeheartedly stand behind you.

Even if I don’t coach you directly, you still get my total undivided support.

Now, if you feel that an extra power boost and dozens of new strategies, fresh perspectives, a sounding board, emotional fuel, mega motivation, clarity, 10x more conquering drive are qualities you want, we might be a good match!

The best is to give it a try!


No commitment!

Check this link:

And sign up for a 15 min power kick!

Will you use me for an hour? A month? A year?

Honestly, that 100% up to you!

Most of my clients decide to use me for less than a month!

Some even get 15 min with me and that’s it!

They pick my brains on a specific life challenge they face and that’s it!

They get everything they need through this one time strategic session for instance.

Now, I want to tell you that working with me IS easy!

First, I am 100% respectful!

I ask you for permission before challenging you.

I ask you for feed back about what coaching style you prefer!

Is it a high energy session you need or would you rather enjoy a more therapeutic or nurturing approach.

I say therapeutic but in fact, coaching has little to do with therapy!

The core quality you receive from coaching is power!

The main quality you get from therapy is healing.

Therapy originates in the medical profession.

Coaching comes from sports + business.

Its goal is more power and maximum performance!

So, here we go!


Extra POWER is usually the main quality you get from a coaching session.

You get extra power in the form of fresh strategies, a battle plan for your challenge, motivation to take action, more clarity, extra energy, etc!

It is VERY easy to work with me!

Here is why:

I put myself in your shoes and designed coaching exactly according to what I would like to receive if I was hiring myself.

  • Scheduled and non scheduled sessions at will
  • Affordable!!!
  • Zero extra costs or complications
  • Emotional investment from my coach!
  • Total professionalism! No cancelled calls! No rescheduling! No complications!
  • I am here to simply your life, not to make it more complicate!
  • Etc

Ok! Enough for now!

Everything you need to get started is right here:

So, what do you think? Want to win this game?

No pressure of course!

It is your call!

Get in touch if and when you are ready, ok?

+1 201 984 9212

skype: vitalcoaching

To your power!