Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Learn to say “No” - ARTICLE

Your life is your territory.

External pressures are an attempt to dominate what belongs to you.

If someone wants to control your time, agenda, actions or beliefs, simply say “No!”.

It is simple and direct and the most effective way to drop the level of pressure in your life.

This is called “redesigning boundaries”!

You were born with the right to control over what is yours.

Now, people do fight for control. They fight for power.

The moment you do express your power, you radically shift the way you stand in life and dare to protect your territory.

It takes guts to say “No” the first time but very soon, it gets addictive!

… And so incredibly empowering!

No one has the right to decide for you!

You are in charge of your existence at all times.