Thursday, December 10, 2009

I want to be financially successful - TIP

Strongly shift your mind if you have to.

Getting money means getting power. Money is a translation of business energy.

To get money, you need to play the game of the business world, follow the rules of marketing, promotion, etc…

In other terms, you need to market yourself. Come with a positive outgoing image and attitude.
  • Be ready and prepared for interviews.
  • Have a fresh attitude.
  • Be positive and outgoing.
Here are three steps in the empowering process:
  • Preparation
  • Decision area. The interview space
  • Follow up. Once you get the job
The follow up itself is what happens once you get the job or position…

Here are three follow up key qualities to focus on:
  • Effectiveness
  • “Clean” space
  • Fresh attitudes

You function in a clear space by strengthening your core values and inner integrity. “The place” from where you function in life must be in accordance with the larger life purpose. It must be aligned with the needs of the larger human community.

Here are two key values to focus on:

  • Respect of others
  • Care and sympathy for all human beings on this planet.