Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Freedom! - TIP

This is one of the key areas where organizations can shift from cave age to the future.

Offer more power, freedom and creative space to their team members.

Right now, only a small fraction of an individual creative power is usually used.


Because setting a team member free can be challenging and even scary for some managers.

The truth is that most of your team members are naturally creative people.

You can coach them into expressing their best.

That’s your role if you are a manager!

This is one of the key values modern organizations function with.

They understand individual needs and harvest that power to boost the effectiveness of their organization.

How do you stimulate freedom?

You stop micromanaging your team.

You stop worrying about the details of how something gets done and let everyone find their way.


You do set up targets and directions.

But you do give space to individuals to achieve their targets the way they want.