Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Destroy your “to do” list! - ARTICLE

Use your instincts instead!

A “to do” list is a flow killer.

It is a rational decision!

The truth is that rationality is limited.

You want to replace rationality by synchronicity.

You do something in the right place at the right time.

“To do” lists kill that flow.

They create expectations and rigidify your actions when the only force you should listen to is passion!

Passion, inspiration, emotional fuel are the energies which feed your actions.

Emotional fuel is your engine.

Drop a rational, linear way of looking at it and take action because you want to, not because you wrote about it yesterday on a piece of paper.

It takes courage to destroy a “to do” list.

It takes vision to realize that this external pressure enslaves your day and turns your actions into a linear, rational decision.

A “to do” list is boring.

Destroy it right now and use your instincts and emotional fuel instead!