Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be agreeable! - TIP

Don’t contradict or try to show in any way that you know better than them, ok?

They will remember an impression from you.

Being agreeable means agreeing with most of what they say or think!

If you tend to see flaws in their attitude or frown when they ask a question, they will feel friction and won’t imagine working with you.

How are you agreeable?

  • Nod! Say yes!
  • Smile
  • Agree with what they say
  • “Yes! I’ll be happy to hear from you…”
  • “Yes! That’s an excellent idea…”
  • “I totally agree!”
  • Etc.

If there is something they say you disagree with, don’t argue!

If you want to get that job, now is not the time to prove them wrong!

Got that?

This is not some form of political debate where everyone gets to share their views.

Don’t argue!

They are in charge and challenging them would be a sign that you don’t respect their authority.