Thursday, December 10, 2009

Affiliate program? - TIP

These referral numbers are of course radically different if you set up an affiliate program.

You offer partners a fraction of your sales for every prospect they refer who buys one of your products.

This is done a lot with information products.

Many marketers make a living selling other people’s products!

They easily get 20% - 50% affiliate fee depending on the product.

Now, if you sell a $20 product and the affiliate fee is $10, that’s not much for an affiliate.

If you sell a $1000 software and your affiliate gets $500, it starts getting quite interesting for them, right?

Affiliate programs can work really well when you promote digital products for instance.

The main challenge though is that building a list of dedicated affiliates can be very challenging!

If you check the main affiliate portals where people gather to check each others offers, you will see thousands of products listed!

Building a list of affiliates is another key challenge.

Honestly, unless your presence is already strong online, it is not the first avenue I would recommend.

If you are thinking about it, it’s an option I would keep for later, once you have been online for a couple of years and want to strengthen your promotional options.