Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Should you take anti depressants? - TIP - BURNOUT

When you burn out, it is usually related with attitudes actions and behaviours.

Anti depressants are an emergency solution which tackles an existing emotional misbalance.

The true long term solution is of course an attitude shift.

You need to establish new behaviours which empower you and give you a strong base for anything you do in the future.

The reason you burn out is because you give too much and don't get back enough.

Basically your body and your mind need to rest. When they don't get this rest they start draining your inner resources and you aim towards emotional and physical exhaustion.

Exhaustion simply means that you run out of energy.
If you come to the point where there is nothing left, some anti depressants might give you temporary relief.

The work place environment is very artificial. Therefore it is okay to tackle a burnout challenge with some emergency short cut.

If you feel this is what you need right now, simply get professional help from your GP.

Remember however that the long term solution is not a pill; it is a behaviour and attitude shift.