Thursday, June 11, 2009


a couple of issues came up - I won't go into deatails but strategy need to bre perfected a bit.

One question which is very clear is that actually 70% of the traffic generated to the breakup blogs comes from the main blog.

The increase of traffic to the main breakup page is not that significant.

This page gets now literally thousands of new links pointing to it but the impact is not too strong. Yes, it is visible but after close to a month of effort and focus traffic to the main page has increased by 20-50%.

This is good of course but the question is: Is it worth all the effort - For now, yes! It is because there are some long term traffic impact that could take place as well

with the 30+ blogs present online that promote the breakup material, again 50-80% of the targeted traffic is seen on the main breakup blog.

The other two 2 breakup blogs hosted on the site + the main vital news blog has been betting some traffic but this traffic is not too significant either.

Again, the main source remains the main breakup blog.

I need now to step back a little and strategize my next steps