Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stay or quit? - ARTICLE

Suppose you face challenges with your current position.

It can be anything:
  • Your boss is a bully.
  • There is no future in that position.
  • You didn't get a raize in 5 years.
  • No exciting tragets in sight.
  • Etc.

Quitting is always an option.

Now, before you do here are some key questions to ask yourself so that you don't take a step you might regret later:

  • What is the exact limiting factor in your job right now?
  • Is there a way to change that?
  • What would it take to change it?
  • If you quit and find another similar position in another company, what are your chances of facing the exact same challenge again?
  • Is it a career change you want or just another similar type of job somewhere else?
  • If it is a career shift you need, what do you see yourself doing next?
  • Is your job the real limiting factor or is there something else going on in your life righ now that which truly frustrates you?
  • Etc.

You have many more questions you can ask.

It is better to brainstorm a bit before you take a final decision.

In my experience coaching people in all sorts of postions, many apparent professional dead ends can be overcome, once you get extra power and attack the challenge with the right strategy.

If you feel cornered with that one, get in touch and sign up for a coaching session. I am sure that even a 30 min power kick can clarify your options. I'll be happy to help you strategize that step

Think twice before you quit!

To your power!