Monday, June 8, 2009

cross linking strategies - Positive trend confirmation - BLOGGING SEO

I tested now this for 2 days on 3 extra blogs - blog 3, blog 3 and main vital news blog.

When posting links in 25 other blogs to 100+ posts in these 3 blogs

Here are the results:

  • The traffic boost is there in all 3
  • After the first day boost traffic goes back down VERY fast
  • The fact that the blog is young does not influence the boost trend.

Here are some conclusions:

My guess is that the boost is not as high if links are posted within a couple of hours or if these links are posted over a longer period of time.

For instance in the case of the mian breakup blog, posting + cross linking has been consistent over 3 weeks of activity and traffic has been building up progressively.

In the first stages, there are up and downs traffic picks.

My guess is that search engines are triggered, give boost, take away, give the boost back...

In other terms, there is some yoyo effect going on.

The thing which is clear though is that having a post within the cross linking strategy makes the post miss on 90% of the potential traffic.

So, to summarize, I have now at least 5 key strategies that need to be applied together for this blogging SEO strategies to work:

  • cross linking strategy
  • post optimization
  • targeted keyphrase
  • multiple blog posting
  • consistent posting

Here are examples of side steps that were taken that probably don't get the same results but which might still have an impact... Not sure:

  • One at a time link posting to social bookmarking sites
  • Testimonials, articles and other content in the blogs
  • Etc.

This is a big key step!

To be followed.