Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cross linking staregy - Positive trend CONFIRMED! - BLOGGING SEO

Yes! It works!

The blog 3 and main vitalnews blog on which I tested this strategy both show a massive traffic increase,

Form virtually no traffic to a massive increase. So - This strategy is now confirmed.

questions still open are the same as before

  • Will it work on a new blog?
  • Will it work on another domain name - satellite sites?
  • Will it work when hosted on blogger or wordpress?


What about SEO pages?

Well, I tested this strategy trying to cross link to SEO pages but the trend is not clearly confirmed.

I did post a few series of links to extra4 and x7 series but so far there is no clear trend.

Could it be that this cross linking strategy works better for fresh blogs posts than older SEO pages?

That's a possibility and seems to be the trend but this fact would need to be confirmed to be 100% sure about that.

On top of that what is the exact factor, making these SEO pages not respond to this cross linking strategy?

  • Is it because they are older? and have been indexed already for a long time?
  • Is it because search engines do not recognize them as blog posts and give them less interest?

What is it?