Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Business mastery! - ARTICLE

That's the whole idea, right?

It is to master and tame your business.

It means gaining a total sense of ownership over a few aspects:
  • Environments
  • Business skills
  • Marketing
  • Products
  • Management skills

If you miss essential links in any of these your whole enterprise might fail.

If you already started a business and feel challenged, you can ususally pin point the exact element that is still missing.

You can give yourself marks 0-100% in these different aspects of your business and realize that if you do have a gap (for instance less than 50% score in any area) you business will suffer.

You can have a great product for instance and no way of gaining exposure for it.

Or you can have this amaizing marketing plan but your product is still too weak.

Or customers come in but the structure to follow up on orders is non existant!

Got the point?

Identify the exact limiting factor in your business and focus on that first!

To your success!