Saturday, June 6, 2009

1 hour/day - SMART Promotion - BLOGGING SEO

I want to say this again in case it is not clear!

1 hour/day average - This is what it took me to implement these techniques so far.

Of course, I have been brainstorming, testing, checking stats because I am researching the topic - So practically, I have been spending a bit more than 1 hour/day.

But the actual promotional/posting work + creating the blogs + updating designs comes effectively to 1 hour/day.

Now, what would be the impact if instead of 1 hour/day, I would spend 5 hours/day.

First, is it possible?

If I focus on it, abolsutely.

It is a bit repetitive but it can be done.

Diversify topics - create new blogs series - etc.

There is room to do much more and yes!

I believe that results would multiply as well.

Not sure if I would hit a plateau at a given moment but till now it did not happen...

If I was puting 10 times this energy creating new content right now, the traffic building + impact on the site would be good but traffic would not follow the same as when I focus PURELY on traffic building methods.

Strategies to create content are quite different than strategies to create traffic.

You can have very little content and a huge amount of traffic if you use these methods or have huge content and little traffic if you don't use traffic building methods.

Right now, the site could literally take 10 times the traffic it receives at this stage.

There is really no limit and yes, the quality of the material, videos and content can receive much more atention than what it gets right now...

So, on traffic building strategies, there has been little attention given to that over the last couple years - It's a good thing to promote the site and get more attention to this high quality content.

I'll say it again:

1hour/day in super effective traffic building strategies is ABSOLUTELY affordable

That's one set of powerful successful steps you can take