Tuesday, June 9, 2009

0-100% - How productive is your day? - PRODUCTIVITY

Give yourself a mark 0-100%

0% = achieved absolutely nothing!

100% = Reach all my tragets + I am 100% satisfied!

Ask yourself these questions:
  • What was my productivity yesterday?
  • What were the key distractions I encountered?
  • How successful was I at handling these distractions?
  • What can I do to take this productivity from x% to 100% today?
  • Today, how productive have I been so far?
  • What can I do for the rest of the day that will boost my productivity?
  • Etc.

The key is to QUANTIFY your results and STRATEGIZE your next steps.

The goal is to be at 100% productivity every single day, right?

If you reach that, my guess is that the level of succes of your business will be boosted instantly!

That's the way it works.

When I coach entrepreneurs and I ask them these questions, they frequently realize that their productivity scores are only at a fraction of what they could be.

Once you know that, it is easy to set up a course of action that corrects that.

Remember that productivity gaps are major causes for business failure.

You know what you should be doing to be successful.

You simply don't do it.

Don't fall into that trap!

Your targets ARE within reach!

All you need is focus and consistency!

To your success!